FrozZzen Hot Chocolate

Frozzzen Hot ChocolateJust in time for the hot summer months we’ve added a new drink to our menu:  Frozzzen Hot Chocolate.  First we make hot chocolate with a blend of four different hot chocolates, including Belgian Chocolate, Dutch Chocolates and our Nostalgic (or Classic) Hot Chocolate.  It is then poured over ice and blended to produce a cold velvety chocolate drink like nothing you’ve ever experienced in a cold drink.

Introducing Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

When we opened our Cloverdale location last summer, we had no plans to serve ice cream . . . until we got tired of being asked, “Do you have ice cream?”  We tried a selection of ice cream bars, but that just wasn’t what our customers wanted and so we went back to the drawing board.  We checked out soft serve options, but didn’t feel it was a good fit.  After checking several scooping ice cream options, we chose Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream for its rich creamy content and amazing flavours.  Come in and try it out . . . in a bowl, a regular cone, a waffle cone or bowl!

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival 2012

Come visit us at our booth at the Cranberry festival.  We will be located at entrance to “Lamplighter Lane.”  After stopping at our booth for a creamy hot chocolate and/or some fudge, you can wander up the lane and check out the fall wonderland in our shop. 

Also don’t forget to try our contribution to the celebration of cranberries . . . the chocolate covered ones!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Fort Langley Cranberry Festival 2011

The annual Cranberry Festival is coming to Fort Langley on Saturday, October 8th!! We are very excited to have a booth right on Glover Road again this year (of course our store will be open as well).  We will be featuring our fabulous fudge; Cranberry Pecan, Maple Nut, Rocky Road and more. New fudge we are introducing this year will be Pumpkin Spice & Oreo Cookie Fudge! We also have fall favourites like Pumpkin Malted Milk Balls, Chocolate Cranberries, Caramel Apple Salt Water Taffy to name a just few other goodies to satisfy your tastebuds.  And of course, we’ll have our special hot chocolate on tap and swirling in our special European Shot Machines!

Into Chocolate Name Change

Did you notice something slightly different about the name of our business?  That’s because we’ve tweaked the last part of our name from “Specialty Sweets” to “Candy & Confections.”  We’ve felt for some time that “Specialty Sweets” was too vague and after much discussion we concluded that “Candy & Confections” best reflects the products we carry in our shop.  You may wonder what the difference is between “candy” and “confections.”  Well, they are overlapping categories, but slightly different.  Confections is a broad category that includes all sweet creations that includes things like chocolate, caramel corn, pastries and of course, candy.  Candy more specifically refers to “sugary treats” where the primary ingredient is sugar.  (For more detail check out  So the new name makes more clear what we sell, and we like the sound of it, too.

A new website!

Hello and welcome to our new website! It was time to update our online presence and we hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do!

We are thrilled to now be offering online shopping for candy, chocolate and other confectionary gift baskets and boxes. Shipping anywhere in Canada is just $12 so you can treat your family and friends right across the country! (more…)