Into Chocolate Name Change

Did you notice something slightly different about the name of our business?  That’s because we’ve tweaked the last part of our name from “Specialty Sweets” to “Candy & Confections.”  We’ve felt for some time that “Specialty Sweets” was too vague and after much discussion we concluded that “Candy & Confections” best reflects the products we carry in our shop.  You may wonder what the difference is between “candy” and “confections.”  Well, they are overlapping categories, but slightly different.  Confections is a broad category that includes all sweet creations that includes things like chocolate, caramel corn, pastries and of course, candy.  Candy more specifically refers to “sugary treats” where the primary ingredient is sugar.  (For more detail check out  So the new name makes more clear what we sell, and we like the sound of it, too.

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